Litigate denied or delayed (Mandamus) immigration applications in federal court

At Wasden Law, we have extensive experience in defending clients whose immigration applications have been unreasonably delayed by the federal government. One legal remedy that may be available in these situations is a writ of mandamus. A writ of mandamus is a court order that requires a government agency to take a specific action (such as processing an immigration application that has been delayed without a valid reason). In the case of immigration applications, mandamus can be filed in federal court and is often used as a last resort when an application has been pending for an unreasonable amount of time. Our attorneys are well-versed in the requirements for filing a mandamus action and have a proven track record of success in litigating these cases in federal courts around the country.

Challenge denials and revocations of visa petitions in federal court

At our law firm, we have the experience and knowledge to challenge denials and revocations of visa petitions in federal court. We will thoroughly review the government’s decision and work to identify any violations of law or due process. We will advocate for your rights and work to overturn the government’s decision.

N336 Naturalization appeals

Our attorneys have experience handling N336 naturalization appeals in front of USCIS and challenging denials in federal court. We will review your case and identify any errors or unlawful actions taken by the government. We will aggressively advocate for your rights and work to overturn any wrongful denials of naturalization.

Delayed immigration applications:

We understand the frustration and uncertainty that can come with delayed immigration applications. Our attorneys have the experience to litigate these cases in federal court and seek relief through a writ of mandamus. We will work to ensure that your application is processed in a timely and lawful manner.

Litigation to invalidate government regulations and policies

Our law firm is committed to challenging unjust and unlawful government regulations and policies that impact our clients. tour attorneys have successfully challenged and overturned regulations in federal court.